Antique Telescope Society - Convention 2002
"The Leviathan of

Date: September 20-25, 2002
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Highlights: On September 20 through 25, 2002, the Antique Telescope Society held its 11th annual convention in Dublin, Ireland. The program included talks and exhibits, and a banquet, plus a visit to Lord Rosse's famous Observatory at Birr Castle, where the 'Leviathan' has been magnificently restored. In addition, we visited Dunsink Observatory, where we saw the actual lens that was at the center of the famous lawsuit between Sir James South and Troughton and Simms, and many other interesting instruments; and to Armagh Observatory, in Northern Ireland, where we saw, and looked through, what is claimed to be the oldest telescope in its original dome, completed in 1795. Both had fine collections of smaller instruments. We also were able to visit the National Museum where we had privileged access to the fine Eggesdorf collection of instruments, not normally on display and the megalithic site at Knowth.
Peter Hingley, Convention Chairman
Peter Abrahams, President and Paper Sessions Chairman
Walter H. Breyer, Executive Secretary

Online Form: Download the 2002 Convention Schedule - (Word Document)