Antique Telescope Society - Conventions
"Rocky Mountain High"

Date: September 26-29, 2003
Location: Denver, CO, USA
Highlights: On September 26 through 29, 2003, the Antique Telescope Society held its 12th annual convention at the historic Chamberlin Observatory, Denver University in Denver, CO. The program included talks and exhibits, and a banquet featuring a Keynote Address by Professor Robert Stencel of Chamberlin Observatory. In addition to an open house at Chamberlin Observatory, was a visit to Fiske Planetarium and the Sommers-Bausch Observatory in Boulder and to the Denver University Observatory on the summit of Mt. Evans.

John Briggs, Convention Chairman
Peter Abrahams, Pres. & Paper Sessions Chair
Walter H. Breyer, Executive Secretary

Observatory and telescope images above
from University of Denver's
Chamberlin Observatory website

Online Form: Download the 2003 Convention Schedule - (Word Document)