Antique Telescope Society - Conventions & Workshops
Conventions & Workshops

Each Fall the ATS has held its annual meeting in proximity to historic observatories and astronomical instrumentstion in the United States, Canada, and more recently, in Europe. The Society also rotates its meetings to varying locations to best accommodate the access to its many far spread members. The meetings generally cover 3-5 days, depending on location, scheduled papers and events, and span over a weekend. Below are the next upcoming meeting locations.

#17ws: 2008 WorkShop - Cincinnati Obs.,
Cincinnati, OH, USA / May 2-4
On behalf of the Antique Telescope Society and the Cincinnati Observatory, we would like to announce the ATS's first thematic workshop "The Vintage Observatory: Thriving in the 21st Century." - More Information and Forms.

#17: 2008 - Boerhaave Museum,
Leiden, Netherlands - Symposium celebrating "The 400th Anniversary of the Telescope"

We look forward to welcoming as many attendees as possible (both ATS members and others) to all ATS events. Please join us.

Boerhaave Museum website

Prior Conventions

#16: 2007 Greenville, SC - Roper Mountain Science Center
#15: 2006 Fort Davis, TX - McDonald Observatory
#14: 2005 Cincinnati, OH - Cincinnati Observatory
#13: 2004 Nantucket, MA - Maria Mitchell Observatory
#12: 2003 Denver, CO - Chamberlin Observatory
#11: 2002 Dublin, Ireland - Lord
Rosse's Observatory at Birr Castle, ...
#10: 2001 Pittsburgh, PA, USA -
Allegheny Obs., John Brashear, etc.